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A selection of my design work
Selected design projects
Front Garden - Rhiwbina, Cardiff
The good proportions in this front garden allowed room for a summerhouse, generous access paths, a retained lawn and plenty of room for plants. I think we can say we achieved the brief of wanting a more sociable space. Alfresco Landscaping undertook the build.
Large Country Garden near Chepstow
This garden is situated in a rural setting bordered by agricultural land. The main garden is partially terraced on a steep slope, which runs into a woodland. Future potential development of land yet to be acquired is also a consideration. Craig Hall Landscaping (Chepstow) is the contractor.
Large Garden, Fleur de Lys, Gwent - Planting Project
Designed by a colleague, I'm now tasked to plant it up! We've made a start but there's lots more to do!
Small Family Garden, Radyr, Cardiff
You may have a small space - but you can have BIG ideas! Here, the family wanted to be able to enjoy their garden for the first time. Water features, sitting areas, small lawn and big on planting!
Return to Fishguard!
Previous clients asked me to return and design their front garden & driveway. A newly built wall & shed is to remain. The brief: retain enough room for four or five cars. Here's the draft.
There's a planting scheme for every garden!
Cottage, Modern, Tropical, Japanese, Woodland or Low Maintenance - there's a plant to suit your style and garden conditions.
Large Family Garden - Gloucester
Currently at the design development stage.
Contemporary Front Garden, Cyncoed, Cardiff
The front garden of this property was also re-designed in keeping with the style of the rear garden. Quite a transformation from how it was left by the builders!
Contemporary Garden, Cyncoed, Cardiff
This Garden isn't short on style or planting! Contemporary doesn't have to mean minimalist.
Don't forget the plants!
It's great to have your garden designed...but don't scrimp on your planting budget - plants make the garden.
Traditional Garden, Newport
The house was built in the 1930's, so the brief here was to incorporate an up to date traditional style garden with a large lawn, generous planting and somewhere for the washing line.
Front Garden Design, Roath, Cardiff
This small space desperately need an overhaul! The brief - low maintenance, modern, interesting.
RHS CARDIFF 2014 - Gold Medal Award
Collaborating with Fisher Tomlin & Bowyer and Cardiff Landscapers Broxton & Moruzzi, we scoop the RHS Gold Medal and 'Best Show Garden' awards!
I've just received the Pro Landscaper magazine and am very proud to see that my Design Solution for the small courtyard in Cathays, Cardiff, is featured in the line up for their 2013 Portfolio magazine! I wonder what 2014 will bring...
COMPLETE DESIGN - Cottage Style Garden, Whitchurch, Cardiff
The landscaping of this garden will take place over six months in phases. Get the design first - and then you can plan in advance. Alfresco Landscaping use their experience to bring the design to life.
DESIGN SOLUTION - Central Cardiff front garden
The design brief here was for a low maintenance garden, in keeping with the historical house where Ivor Novello was born. The design is based on the blue plaque which is displayed above the front door.
COMPLETE DESIGN - Contemporary style, Heath, Cardiff
A contemporary design constructed by Alfresco Landscape & Garden. The design brief was modern in style, with generous ground level planting areas, a large granite patio to the rear, raised planter for architectural plants and vertical posts for screening and structure
Courtyard Pontcanna
This tiny courtyard needed a complete re-think. A contemporary, modular design was chosen to fit the space. The design brief was to re-use some materials in situ and include two 'Easter Island' heads. Now constructed, planting assistance was required to complete the garden.
COMPLETE DESIGN - Cottage Style Garden, Rhiwbina, Cardiff
This space has been designed specifically for a client who needed a garden which took account of mobility difficulties. Constructed by A DAVIES CONSTRUCTION: Anthony Davies, 63 Everest Avenue, Llanishen, Cardiff. Tel: 02920 753663 Mob: 07576249385 email:
School Garden - Woodlands High School, Ely, Cardiff
This will be a sensory garden, with an area to grow fruit and vegetables. The design takes account of a wide range of difficulties, and ensures that all pupils will be able to use and enjoy the garden. This will, in effect, become an outdoor classroom!
DESIGN SOLUTION - Cottage style garden, Creigiau, Cardiff
The emphasis in this garden is on planting more than hard landscaping design. A planting plan was provided to help the owner choose more unusual varieties of plants. Raised planters are constructed for growing favourite vegetables, and a pergola on the sunny patio provides some shade.
DESIGN SOLUTION - Modern cottage style garden, Llandaff, Cardiff
This garden had been re-built five years ago...but it's falling apart! The patio is moving and the slate paving is cracked. There is an unsightly raised wooden path connecting the summerhouse to the deck. The main emphasis is focussed on the patio, which has to be completely re-built while retaining the existing water feature.
COMPLETE DESIGN - Modern Country Garden, St Nicholas, Cardiff
The garden is set in beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Cardiff. The clients' brief was to design a low maintenance and modern in style garden, but in keeping with its surroundings. An area of lawn and places for entertaining were also desired.
Gaynor is now offering CAD (computer aided drawing) visuals for garden designers and landscapers. Here is a recent project for a garden designer based in Dorset.
COMPLETE DESIGN - Vintage Style Garden, Penarth, Cardiff
This garden is part of a property built in the 19th century. Much of the design uses existing original materials already in situ which is very much part of the clients' style. Built to perfection by Alfresco Landscape & Gardening.
DESIGN SOLUTION - Courtyard, Cathays, Cardiff
The garden owner needs a space to relax, entertain and low in maintenance due to a very busy work schedule. The garden also needed to reflect the extensive modern renovation to the house - and this design suits it perfectly.
DESIGN SOLUTION - Courtyard garden, Whitchurch, Cardiff
The young owners of this garden were keen to make their small space somewhere beautiful but also practical.
This certainly is a blank canvas! A new modern house requires a new modern garden. The clients want their garden to be stylish and contemporary, but still retain some areas for planting.
DESIGN SOLUTION - Courtyard, Adamsdown, Cardiff
The space here cannot be used to its full potential. The overgrown Hydrangea petiolaris and lean-to pergola was disliked by the owner - so get rid! A fresh modern approach is used so the young, single man can hold barbecues and entertain friends. Built by ALFRESCO LANDSCAPE & GARDEN.
DESIGN SOLUTION - Mature Garden, Rhiwbina, Cardiff
The clients' brief was to replace an existing patio, retain the small water feature, and re-position a shed at the end of the garden. Gaynor's solution was to match the new patio with similar tiles in shape and colour to an existing access area. Some vegetation and a sickly cherry tree were removed to accommodate a new shed.
This tiny front garden needs some character, but rather than adopt the usual terracing option, Gaynor created a simple modern design. The slope is used to show off the garden rather than creating terraces, as any new levels would be impractical.
COMPLETE DESIGN - Fishguard, West Wales
This new garden had nothing in it, except for a newly built curved patio which was to remain intact, but the rest was really up to Gaynor!
Partial Re-Design in Llandaff (2)
Part of this garden was previously designed by Gaynor. A new paved patio area and steps were required. To balance the large building, the pergola was removed, re-sited & extended to provide more planting opportunities. The colours were chosen by the owner.
RHS Show Cardiff 2012 - Show Garden Design - Silver Gilt Award
Here is the garden we have designed for this year's show. Clean and contemporary but still allowing plants to complement the style, this garden is a low maintenance option for busy people or those who find gardening more difficult.
Partial re-design in Llandaff, Cardiff
Although the basic design elements of this cottage style garden were to remain intact, parts of it need updating and re-designed for more practical access.
A Wildlife Garden in Whitchurch
This garden is packed full of design ideas to fit a small awkwardly shaped garden. The plans for circular lawns and patio areas, inspired fencing and water feature were all carefully followed by Paul Melvin and his team...the results speak for themselves...
Design Solution in Lisvane, Cardiff
This front garden slopes down from the house, and needed fresh ideas for improvement. A new path, steps and re-shaped borders were incorporated into Gaynor's design ideas.
Plant Combinations
Some plant combinations that work well in terms of colour and textures. These were designed by Gaynor at the RHS Show in Cardiff 2010.
Partial garden design, Llanishen
At the bottom of a much larger garden, this space was overgrown and totally unusable. The brief was to design a 'secret' garden with a circular summerhouse and romantic planting. The owners are building the garden themselves.
A cottage style garden in Pontcanna Cardiff
The client asked for a design based on Gaynor's winning RHS show garden (RHS 2010). The cottage style planting was chosen and overseen by Gaynor personally, and was built by Alfresco Landscape & Garden. In less than year, it has begun to mature and is flourishing.
Designer Decking in Rhiwbina
The clients wanted to create a practical space in a part of their large garden for a new summerhouse, and extend the existing patio area for garden furniture. Composite decking by 'Millboard' was chosen, as this complemented the colours used for the patio. Low maintenance evergreen planting for year round structure and perennial grasses will be used to soften the landscaping. Alfresco Garden & Landscape has implemented the design.
Small garden, Nelson
This garden is under 100m2, but overshadowed by a very high sports fence beyond the existing domestic fence. The brief is to draw the eye away, and create a space to accommodate difficulties gardening at ground level.
Two gardens, one client, this is the English style garden
This garden has a traditional lawn, gravel paths, raised beds for vegetables and a brilliant potting shed. Constructed by Alfresco Landscape & Garden to their usual high standard.
Two gardens, one client, this is the Japanese style garden
This Japanese garden is is blended into a Western setting
A selection of views from our award winning Japanese style show garden 'WEST MEETS EAST'
An unusable space becomes a private place to relax
This side access to a house in Whitchurch becomes a practical space to enjoy the evening sun, but still leaving room to park the family car. Designed by Gaynor, and expertly built by Alfresco Landscape & Garden.
A family garden in Rhiwbina
The brief was to provide screening from a large trampoline, and create new planting and lawn areas. The shed also needed to be updated and a muted colour was chosen to reduce its impact in the new garden. The garden was constructed to a high standard by David Knight. Contact details are: Phone: 07950637382
RHS 2010 Cardiff
Irene's Garden, a tranquil country cottage garden where an arbour sits on a reclaimed brick patio, and petal shaped hand woven raised beds are filled with white and muted shades of purple, pink and blue plants. Paul Melvin and the Alfresco Landscape & Garden team's skills and attention to detail contributed to the 'Best Show Garden' award.
A Taste of Tuscany in Cardiff
The clients wanted a Tuscan feel to the existing garden, while still retaining a large lawned area. Paul Melvin and his team built the design beautifully and to a very high standard, keeping in close contact with Gaynor during the build.
A Garden Border Design & Planting Plan in Thornhill
The client wanted plants to complement the surrounding woodland beyond the rear garden. Colourful trees and shrubs were preferred to flowering perennials, especially those with good spring and autumn colour.
Some inspiration is needed for a tired garden
The existing flower borders needed to be rejuvenated and reshaped to echo the formal style water feature.Valuable space at the back of the garden was underused and full of old rubble. This was to make way for a fresh new seating area, underneath a single pergola.
A planting project in Rhiwbina
Definitely a favourite! The rear garden has a nautical theme, while the front garden is country cottage style. The clients' brief was to combine suitable planting with their eclectic collection of French containers and bespoke garden ornaments.
RHS Show Garden
Royal Horticultural Society Show Garden 2009
A garden in the Med
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